1973? Triumph Trident T150 V Parts


Matching numbers. No title. Here is a near complete motorcycle with very many good parts. This engine blew up. There is no crank, one rod is missing and the others are damaged. Good crank cases. Bores are shot. Body work is good, nice tank badges no sidecover badges. No tach or front wheel or forks. Very nice chrome 3 into one header and new Mikunuis ($385 from MAP cycle). Good frame. I hope that I am not forgetting anything. All I have is shown. If I were to sell these parts individually this is how I would price the parts.

frame and cases $300
header and Mikunis $300
seat $60
rear wheel $60
chainguard $40
front hub $20
clutch parts $90
shocks $20
gear box innards, cover and kicker $150
air filter housing $80
Amal carbs $95
head (NO VALVES) $80
TANK $150
FASTENERS, levers, bars brackets
badges widjets etc. $100

Total: $1645